Tag: scientific agit-prop


bird_and_moon_1I know I’m not the only one out there to have discovered Bird And Moon Comics. This is information at its cutest. But don’t let the soft images distract you – these are comics full of hard fact. One of the nicest thing about Bird and Moon is the way in which style is used in the service of some serious ecological PR. Just about every comic seems to carry a message and be aimed at a very specific target: the international pet trade, plastic spoons, road-construction, invasive species, etc. – these comics are scientific agit-prop. But at the same time, these are comics which can happily adorn your wall – these comics are art.

Bird and Moon illustrates perfectly the way in which applied comics can be not just good information, but good art. In fact, Bird and Moon illustrates perfectly something we talked about at our London meet-up: the way in which applied comics should aspire to be both good information and good art.